Web-based Fax Service


A smart web-based fax service

Don’t you find faxing annoying? We did. Paper jams, lines at the fax machine, an empty toner cartridge – it all just takes way longer than it should. Thankfully you can confine that experience to the dustbin of history. Because we’ve given faxing a 21st century extreme makeover.

A fax for everybody

Forget buying a fax machine, you don’t need it any more. Our fax service has all the functionality of physical fax machines, and a whole lot more to boot. Now everyone can have their own personal fax service in the cloud. The cool thing about sipgate fax is that it’s a personal service – private faxes remain confidential, and won’t be seen by prying eyes at the fax machine.

Faxing as easy as emailing

We have a neat and simple web interface that allows you to quickly create, send and receive faxes. Start a draft now and save it to finish off later or save a fax template that you can use again and again.

Want to keep your existing fax machine?

You already have a fax machine and you’d like to keep it? Sure, no problem. Get a fax-enabled adapter and you’re good to go.

Turn a PDF into a Fax

Emailing a PDF isn’t always the answer. Maybe the person you’re sending it to has an overzealous spam filter, possibly the file size was too big for their Email system, maybe they have an old version of Acrobat Reader? Now there’s another way - sending PDF documents is a breeze with sipgate fax. Upload the PDFs to sipgate fax and the jobs a good'un

A picture says 1000 words ...

Or so they say. Create whatever pictures or graphics you want on your PC, upload them to sipgate fax and you can integrate them into any fax. Oh and here’s a real time-saver: Scan in an image of your signature, upload it to sipgate fax, and you can “sign” documents and contracts in a second.

Just in time!

You can decide when a fax should be sent. Simply select the time and date that you wish the fax to be sent and sipgate will deliver your fax at exactly the right time.

Fax to multiple people!

Use sipgate fax if you frequently send faxes to several people. Just a few clicks, choose the fax numbers from your contact list and everyone on the list gets the same fax. Simple.

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