iPhone App

sipgate on the iPhone iOS 4.1

Access your sipgate account while you're out and about or at home with the free app for your iPhone and make calls at the low call charges that you are already used to with sipgate.

No longer available



Calling - Make calls over 3G und WiFi at the low-priced call rates you're already used to, regardless of where you are. As well as being able to make and receive calls, you will also be able to forward and transfer calls and set up a three way conference call. All telephone calls get logged and can be accessed at anytime at your own convenience.

Messaging - The application is capable of displaying faxes, voicemail and text messages. As an iPhone user you will have quick access to all of your important sipgate correspondence and you will also be able to respond to them straight away, directly from the app.

Sending Fax - A unique feature of the sipgate iPhone app is that it allows the sending of images as a fax document. Simply use your iPhone camera to capture the image and at the touch of a button send it off to the desired fax recipient.

Settings - Here you will be able to check your sipgate account balance and choose which device you want to make and receive calls from.

Contacts - Have access all your contacts under one convenient list. You will also be able to import contacts from your iPhone address book into your sipgate app. You can also decide whether you wish to combine both contact lists or leave them separate.