Phones, Apps & Tools
for sipgate team

sipgate team works with any SIP compatible VoIP phone. Here are some phones, apps and tools that are particularly suited for use with sipgate team.

VoIP telephones

sipgate team works with any VoIP telephone.
We can recommend these models.

snom 760

ca. £220

Professional VoIP phone with
a high resolution display.

snom 370

ca. £160

Reliable VoIP phone with all basic functionality. The ideal entry phone.

Gigaset DE700 IP PRO

ca. £290

Elegant deskphone. Pre-configured for sipgate team functionality.

Gigaset DE900 IP PRO

ca. £360

Similar to the DE700IP,
adds DECT handset connectivity

Gigaset C430A IP

ca. £80

DECT phone with integrated voicemail.
Long battery life.

... and many more.

Softphones & apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

No deskphone required:
Our recommended softphones and apps.