Move your Phone System to the Web

sipgate team offers a complete web-based solution for your telephony, fax, SMS and voicemail. A large range of innovative features and adaptable team elements will make communication a lot more efficient.

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sipgate team works with your favourite phone and SIP-compatible devices. There are also softphones available from sipgate, and other developers for Windows, Mac and Linux:

sipgate team features

  • Phone service
  • Conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Three-way calling
  • Send Faxes
  • Auto Attendant
  • SMS
  • UK phone numbers
  • Call groups
  • Forwarding
  • Group fax
  • Advanced routing
  • Free internal calls
  • Mobile integration
  • Call recording
  • Multiple locations
  • Call distribution
  • SIP standard

UK phone numbers

  • Nationwide availability
  • No basic fee
  • Block of 10 phone numbers available

As a small business, you need a hosted VoIP PBX that you can depend on. sipgate makes your communication run smoothly. It is safe, secure and reliable.

Easy to setup

You no longer need costly, locally-installed phone systems and software installations. Control your company's entire phone system through your web browser. sipgate team is so simple to operate that it doesn't even require training.

Web based access for everyone

All your communication and configuration settings are where you want them: in your browser. When using sipgate team, your staff have, for the first time, complete access to all of their communications in a single web interface. They can look up missed calls from anywhere, divert calls to other phones and collaborate with their co-workers.

"sipgate provides service for many people at a company, scaling from a few to 100"

"sipgate [..] should be the smart choice for many organizations..."

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